faraday cage underwear

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Your trial pair is shipped in a returnable bag with a return label. To cancel your trial, just return ship the washed pair before trial end (seven days for USA, 14 days for international).

Following your trial, we'll ship you five more pairs @$99 and you'll be enrolled in Set and Forget

If your trial pair doesn't fit, return it and we'll ship you your preferred size.

Delicate wash with like colors. Hang dry.

Silky soft, breathable, thermodynamic and antibacterial Bamboo fabric made from organic bamboo. Vaporizes sweat and neutralizes odor (95% viscose, 5% spandex)

Shieldtech pouch reduces exposure of electromagnetic radiation, supporting testicular health and function (88% non-toxic metallic, 12% spandex)

Note: shipments made to California addresses will be charged sales tax. $25 is added to shipments outside the United States.

*If outside the United States, please donate your trial pair and provide proof of donation to cancel.