*All profits are purposed to research the health effects of 5G on children*

Faraday's Silver EMF-Shielding Boxer Briefs
Faraday's Black EMF-Shielding Boxer Briefs
anti-odor underwear feature
sweat-absorbent underwear feature
thermodynamic underwear feature


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Super breathable organic bamboo, including silky soft 87% silver Shieldtech pouch that gives and supports.

Minimalist design with convenient fly and super comfy waistband. Feel naked in these.

Electromagnetic radiation is increasing in the environment while studies consistently show that this radiation is especially harmful to the male reproductive organs, including causing sperm damage, lower testosterone, and higher erectile dysfunction risk. Protect Your Family Jewels with Faraday's Radiation-reducing Underwear.

machine wash cold • tumble dry low

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