*All profits are purposed to research the effects of 5G radiation on women and children*

You'll never need to shop for underwear again

After surveying hundreds, we found that men:

  • buy underwear about twice per year,
  • value fit, function, and comfort more than brand name, and
  • find it difficult to re-buy their go-to, or favorite underwear.

While most other underwear brands prioritize advertising and skimp on product quality, Faraday's are different.

With cell phone radiation, sweat, and stink overlooked by other brands, we developed Faraday's with these features to be more comfortable than everything else.

Fittingly, EMF-shielding fabrics lose their attenuation capabilities over about 25 wears and washes. We encourage you to return your old Faraday's following subscription shipments as we donate to those in most need in developing countries.