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What is Electromagnetic Radiation?

There are two kinds of electromagnetic energy which is commonly also referred to as "EMF" (electromagnetic frequencies): 1) that radiated by natural things like the sun; and 2) that radiated by manmade things like electronic devices.

These energies are commonly understood to travel at the speed of light, and are classified by their wavelength or height. Shorter waves like gamma rays from nuclear radiation are extremely powerful, while longer microwaves like from your cell phone cause less damage.

In moderation, most natural radiation can be beneficial to our bodies, and even some unnatural radiation has been shown to have medical benefits when controlled.

While a debate persists between industry and independent scientists on the level of harm caused by unnatural radiation, it is an accepted fact that tech-made radiation is harmful to humans.

Due to the proliferation of wireless technologies, human exposure to tech-made radiation has become constant and unprecedented.

With next generation 5G technologies entering our cities and homes, exposures to more and more powerful radiation is growing exponentially.