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Never Need Underwear Again


You should be able to try on underwear before you buy.

And, finding your favorite has never been easier.

How it Works

1. Order Trial Pair

Just pay shipping. You'll have 10 days from your order (so about a week) to compare with your others.

2. Order More or Cancel

Log in to your account to manage your trial and order. If you cancel, you'll have 30 days to return the trial pair to us. If you do nothing, you will be charged for and shipped a 12-pack.

3. Schedule Recurring Shipments as Needed

After the first order, you'll have access to wholesale prices for life. Expedite or pause shipments, change order quantities and sizes, and order for the whole family!

4. Donate Used Clothing to Earn

After the first order, you earn a free pair for every three pairs of clean underwear you donate. For details on how this works, click here.