Trial starts the day of your order and ends on the 14th day after.

After the trial ends you will be charged and shipped two more pairs unless you change your order or cancel by emailing Customer Love. You can also create an account via the top-right corner of www.faradays.co after your order to manage your account, including canceling the trial and subsequent orders. 

You must cancel your trial prior to trial end to prevent being charged, or you may also request a trial period extension. 

If you cancel the trial, you may keep the trial pair at the listed retail price, or you must donate the trial pair to a nonprofit organization and provide proof of the same (receipt from receiving organization with Faraday's underwear written on the receipt) within 14 days from the cancellation date.

After the first order after the trial, and if you do not change or cancel your membership, you will be charged and shipped recurring orders as specified in the product description at the time of your purchase. To cancel subsequent orders you must email Customer Love or cancel in your account or you will be charged. 

All charges are final. Returns are not accepted.