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Trial starts the day of your order and ends on the 15th day after for all orders.

After trial ends you will be charged and shipped for the order selected in your account. You must order more in order to access lifetime wholesale prices. If you select to keep your trial, then you will not have access to wholesale prices after your order.

If you'd like to add more orders to your account, mix and match sizes and colors, or make some other request, please email us at customer.love@faradays.co and we will respond within 24 hours.

You must cancel your trial prior to trial end to prevent being charged, or you may also request a trial period extension.

You may cancel your trial and keep the trial pair at the listed retail price, or you must donate the trial pair to a nonprofit organization and provide proof of the same within 14 days from the end of your trial.

You do not need to create an account to manage your trial and subsequent orders. You can email Customer Love at any time to manage your trial and subsequent orders.

After the first order, your account is set to billings and shipments of three-packs every four months at wholesale prices.