*All profits are purposed to research the effects of 5G radiation on women and children*

Subscription Terms & Conditions

"You" refers to the name on the payment method used to order the trial pair, and "Your" refers to you.

"Us", "We", and "Our" refers to Faraday's Inc..

Our email address is customer.love@faradays.co.

Changing your Size

Reply to our email within 10 days from the time of your order and we will ship you six more of your preferred size. Keep the first pair, free.

Following the first shipment, you can change size at anytime by emailing us.

How to Cancel Your Subscription

Just reply to our email reminding you of the details of your trial. Then you have 20 days from the end of your trial to donate your trial pair and provide a receipt proving the donation of Faraday's boxer briefs and the contact information of the receiving party.

Trial pairs are shipped via USPS and includes tracking. If the pair is delivered as per USPS, then you may not claim to us that you did not receive the pair. You will be charged for delivered pairs. We do not ship to USPS unverified addresses nor PO Boxes.


Following the end of the trial, we will ship you five more pairs and charge your provided payment method $19.99 for each pair unless your order is discounted with a coupon code or referral earnings. Every six months after the trial, we will ship you six pairs and charge you $19.99 for each pair unless your order is discounted with a coupon code or referral earnings. Only new discount codes may be used on subscription shipments and must be used my emailing us in advance of your shipment. You will be reminded a week before your next shipment. Months are calculated at 30 days.

Follow-on orders are shipped in a resealable bag with a prepaid return label, and you are encouraged to recycle your old underwear and Faraday's with this resealable bag and prepaid return label.

Subscriptions can be paused at any time by emailing us. All charges are final.


We do not ship damaged items, nor provide refunds to claims of damaged items. If your item has been damaged through the course of your wear, please take and email us photos of the damage including a detailed description of number of wears, washes, and the type of activity undertaken while wearing the damaged item. After our review of your submission, we reserve the right to refund, not refund, or replace your item.

Shipping Times

Orders Mon-Sat before 4pm PST are shipped same day. Otherwise your order will be shipped the next business day. You may not claim that you did not have sufficient time to trial after your trial has ended. If you require more time to trial, please make this request by email before trial end.