Over 99% EMF-shielding from Common Sources

Shieldtech is a high-performance fabric plated with a conductive silver coating which reflects and absorbs nnEMF, protecting your testicles from harmful amounts of radiation and supporting proper functioning for boosts in testosterone production and sperm quality, leading to more energy and less cancer risk for your future kids!

We applied the same patented technologies used in spacesuits to Shieldtech, specially developed for the pouch of Faraday's and electromagnetic shielding, achieving >40dB attenuation up to 10 GHz. This means that Shieldtech shields over 99% of radiation from consumer electronics, WiFi, and Bluetooth. 

Shieldtech also exhibits thermodynamic properties which promote homeostasis better than any other underwear fabric, enhancing vasodilation and bloodflow. In hotter temperatures, Shieldtech pulls sweat from the skin and releases it with heat into the air while the silver acts to destroy odor-causing microbes. In cooler temperatures, Shieldtech's resonance abilities forms a pocket of warm air from the body's own heat in the pouch, creating what some have described as the "Faraday effect".

No other pouch comes close. Try for yourself here. Just pay shipping.

Email customer.love@faradays.co if you'd like to see a copy of our shielding and consumer safety certifications.