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Why we started

In recent times, men’s health has taken a downward turn. Infertility, low testosterone, erectile dysfunction, and cancer have been rising in men. Many factors are to blame, but while studying at Columbia University our Founder came across Dr. Martin Blank’s work on electromagnetic radiation and its effects on cells.

After looking deeper into the issue of electromagnetic radiation, and the increasing use of consumer electronics like cell phones, we uncovered overwhelming evidence of the negative health effects on men’s health. Given the vulnerability and sensitivity of men’s reproductive organs, we to started to seek a solution to protect men and future generations from harm.

Over two years of development later, we’ve created the most comfortable and functional boxer brief on the planet, and plan to ship Faraday’s to as many men as possible.

We welcome you on our mission to raise awareness of the negative health impacts of electromagnetic radiation, and encourage you to share Faraday’s with your friends and family.

Thank you,

Antonio Matos