Our Founding Story

In recent times, men’s health has taken a downward turn. Infertility, low testosterone, erectile dysfunction, and cancer have been rising in men. Many factors are to blame, but something else is flying under the radar.

While in graduate school studying social entrepreneurship, our Founder Antonio Matos noticed that he could somehow know before his phone was going to ping. Psychic? Not quite. He realized his body was experiencing a subtle change from the electromagnetic waves used by cell phones. How is this affecting our health he thought.

After looking deeper into the issue and discovering the mounds of reports on the health effects of electromagnetic radiation, especially regarding men's health. Given the vulnerability and sensitivity of men’s reproductive organs, and the fact that our exposures are increasing, we started to seek out a solution to this growing and urgent problem.

Three years of product development later with experts in EMF, alternative health, and fabric development, we’ve created the most comfortable, functional, and sustainable men's underwear ever.

We welcome you on our mission to raise awareness of the negative health impacts of electromagnetic radiation, and encourage you to share Faraday’s with your friends and family.

With gratitude,

Antonio Matos