Our Founding Story

While a student of social entrepreneurship at Columbia University, Founder Antonio Matos discovered that he could feel - where the sun doesn't shine - electromagnetic frequencies when his phone would send and receive text messages.

"I thought I was crazy or psychic when I would know just before my phone was going to ping." Co-Founder & CEO, Antonio Matos

Further research and many calls with friends & family later, a germ of a business idea was starting to develop.

Electrohypersensitivity is now officially recognized as a medical condition in Sweden, and even though there exists supporting scientific evidence, it is still dismissed by many in the modern healthcare industry as a pseudo-science. 

Together with friends & family, extensive research of cell phone radiation and health surfaced disturbing reports of the damage being caused to human health. In fact, the negative impacts of cell phone radiation on men's reproductive function and health is the most reported in the scientific literature.

"Given the societal trends of the day - e.g. men's infertility, low testosterone, erectile dysfunction, and cancer - and a tendency for big business to maintain the status quo, we saw an opportunity to not just bring a big issue to the fore, but to also help alot of people." -Co-Founder & CFO Vasili Arvanitidis

Cell phone cases which block electromagnetic frequencies are cumbersome and didn't protect from other devices. And the pendants which claim to neutralize nnEMF weren't that accessible to the general public.

"We wanted to attack the root of the problem, and create a solution and business that weaved in other aspects of social and environmental impact." -Co-Founder & CMO Martin Briggs

Three years of research and development later, Faraday's was born. 

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