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  • Sperm quality has plunged over 60% the last 50 years;
  • Since WWII, testicular cancer has nearly quadrupled; and,
  • In the 30 years since we’ve been using cell phones, testosterone levels have been halved!
  • Overwhelmed, our natural defenses can't keep up with the ever-increasing electromagnetic stressors in our environments.
  • In normal conditions, healthy testicular function is a balanced process of cell division and maturation with smooth intra and extra-cellular communication.

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    look at testicular cancer links

    radiation DOSE DEPENDENCY

    The potential acute and chronic health effects of space radiation, as with other ionizing radiation exposures, involve both direct damage to DNA, indirect effects due to generation of reactive oxygen species, and changes to the biochemistry of cells and tissues, which can alter gene transcription and the tissue microenvironment along with producing DNA mutations. Acute (or early radiation) effects result from high radiation doses, and these are most likely to occur after solar particle events (SPEs).[23] Likely chronic effects of space radiation exposure include both stochastic events such as radiation carcinogenesis[24] and deterministic degenerative tissue effects. To date, however, the only pathology associated with space radiation exposure is a higher risk for radiation cataract among the astronaut corps.[25][26]

    The health threat depends on the flux, energy spectrum, and nuclear composition of the radiation. The flux and energy spectrum depend on a variety of factors: short-term solar weather, long-term trends (such as an apparent increase since the 1950s[27]), and position in the Sun's magnetic field

    biological cascade --> series of sucessive actions resulting in amplification of the initial response

    phones pulse at around ***power, at ***variability -- but so do the base stations pulsing: 

    1. GSM phone handsets pulse at strongly at 217 Hz and harmonics, plus 2, 4 & 8 Hz components.
      GSM base stations pulse similarly, with the additional 1734 Hz inter-timeslot frequency.

    power generated by the wiring in the phone and in/out of the antenna

    the body's frequcncy, the brain's frequencies, etc

    reversible when wear faraday's

    metabolic syndrome

    "When an ordinary EMF field enters the body, it causes charges to move and currents to flow"

    Richard Albanese, Brooks Air Force Base in connection with PAVE PAWS, reported in microwave news

    mitochondria damage

    what do i need to disclaimer about the studies and how they translate to humans

    sperm takes 90 days to make

    dielectric constant of penis and testes is high bc fluid and fluids are conductive --> tumescence is the term for hang (penis capacitance)

    what new scientific concepts are being applied to human body measurement - like physics

    over past century, more than 6000 published studies on bioeffects; here are relevant to testicular health

    "Biological effects of electromagnetic fields and radiation (1993)"

     Radiation pulses from antennas in multiple directions, at the speed of light. These waves carry information packets that are propelled via an electromotive force and create an electric field which is perpendicular to a manifested magnetic field. Emitted wave’s are programmed to modulate their form (frequency and wavelength) and amplitude to enhance connection strength and vary according to the medium and the transmitters. Environmental conditions like the weather, as well as different devices affect the radiation that the body responds to.

    Exact health effects have yet to be verified by authorities but biological effects have been observed in laboratory conditions. Irreversible?

    The standard used by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to protect humans from transmitters is called the Specific Absorption Rate (SAR). SAR measures the rate at which skin heats from short-term exposure (<30 minutes) of radiation. These safety standards were established in the 1980's by engineers - not doctors, physicists, nor biologists - and do not consider biological effects at the cellular, atomic and subatomic levels. SAR also does not consider non-thermal biological effects, long-term exposures (>30 minutes), nor the frequency, waveform, modulation nor the synergistic effects of radiation.

    events lead to abnormal testosterone production and abnormal sperm parameters. 

    • structural damage to seminiferous tubules and the germinal epithelium;
    • apoptosis (cell death) of Leydig cells, germ cells and cells of the seminiferous tubules;
    • rearrangements and breakages of DNA;

    But second order effects arise from impaired intracellular communication like atypical behavior of protein kinase C (PKC) which is responsible for managing proliferation, synthesis, and inhibition of apoptosis or programmed cell death.

    Radiation also leads to DNA damage and formation of cancer-causing free radicals. Testicular cell mitochondria reacts to radiation like a foreign invader with stress and fight responses. Build-up of NADH oxidase activity in mitochondria ensues, and reactive oxygen species (ROS) is produced, proportionally to radiation exposure. Excess ROS results in oxidative stress, less antioxidant enzymes, more free radicals, and liklier conditions for cancerous gene expressions.

    but radiation causes the cell membranes to 

    plasma membrane and calcium ions for signal transduction 

    The scrotum too has an internal electric and magnetic field - as do each individual cell, and subcellular unit of matter - but electric currents do not flow directly through like they would in a perfect conductor. The coupled electromagnetic radiation passing through the scrotum decouples and the electric and magnetic properties of the energy interact with matter depending on the permittivity and conductivity of each unit of matter. Each interaction simultaneously induces new values on each unit and continuously changes as a function of the radiation and the internal state of the body.

    As the equilibrium positions of individual atoms change, dielectric polarization occurs, altering the electromagnetic fields within the testes.

    Radiation causes direct changes to cellular ionic concentrations or enzymatic activity, disrupting intracellular communication. Radiation does this by inducing forced-oscillations on polar molecules in cells. These biological effects are dependent on variations of the internal electric field of the exposed matter, the specific conductivity of subcellular matter, tissue density, the form of radiation (frequency, intensity, and wavelength), and the time of exposure. 

    Since the testes are essential for reproduction and testosterone production, protection from radiation exposure is essential for optimal male health. The following biological effects have been observed on testes after radiation exposure:

    • structural change to seminiferous tubules and the germinal epithelium;
    • apoptosis (cell death) of Leydig cells, germ cells and cells of the seminiferous tubules;
    • rearrangements and breakages of DNA;

    The mechanisms of action are increases in reactive oxygen species/oxidative stress or free radicals from the disturbances to mitochondria and intracellular calcium levels. The effects are impaired endocrine and gonadal function leading to abnormal testosterone production and abnormal sperm parameters. 


    [so how is testicular function affected?]

    The most studied mechanism of action of radiation on cells is via the voltage gated calcium channel. After radiation penetrates the scrotum, eddy currents alter calcium homeostasis in the plasma membrane. The plasma membrane serves as a boundary between cellular units and controls the movement of molecules in and out of cells, but radiation shocks the membrane permeability potential causing abnormal calcium flow and leaks of molecules and ions. Healthy sperm, Leydig, and Sertoli cells rely on the plasma membrane and calcium ions for signal transduction and proper functioning.

    Electromagnetic radiation (radiation) are energy waves, traveling at the speed of light, emitted by electronic devices and their complementary infrastructure. Smartphones are the most common source of radiation that affect the testes, but other culprits are tablets, laptops, wearable electronics and the ubiquitous lower frequency fields caused by power lines, appliances, and electrical wiring - plus the wifi routers and base stations which communicate with the electronics.

    The United States government recognizes that radiation causes biological damage, and has set safety standards to protect humans from harmful electronics. The Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) is required by federal law to be listed by all consumer electronics. SAR measures the rate at which skin heats from short-term exposure (<30 minutes) of radiation. However, SAR was developed by the Federal Communications Commission (which is run by engineers and not the Food & Drug Administration, which is run by doctors) and is based on outdated science. SAR does not consider the non-heating (non-thermal) biological effects nor long-term exposures (>30 minutes) of radiation.

    Studies show radiation also causes non-thermal biological effects that harm the health of humans. The rate of biological damage is proportional to the amount of radiation and the time exposed.