*All profits are purposed to research the effects of 5G radiation on women and children*

Less stench means you can go +24 hours without changing pairs

The coated silver in our patented Shieldtech is designed to stop odor in its tracks; the silver ions in the fabric disrupt smelly bacteria's ability to multiply. Combined with Shieldtech's ability to pull sweat from your skin and vaporize moisture, you can rest assured remaining fresh throughout the entire day, in any climate.

Our outer bamboo fabric is also naturally antibacterial, neutralizing odor-causing molecules and creating a second line of defense against stink. The fabric was specially designed to evaporate sweat so that you remain dry.

An extra bonus is the speed at which Faraday's dries after not just a workout, but a wash as well.

Tip: on business trips, just rinse Faraday's in a sink and let them hang dry. Not only will you save money and energy this way, but you'll extend the life of the fabrics!