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Donate Used Clothing and Earn Free Faraday's

As a member, you are eligible to earn a free pair of Faraday's for every three pairs of clean undies that you donate.

We encourage you to donate as much clothing as you can, but to qualify for free Faraday's you must meet and complete the following:

1. Go to a physical location of any 501c3 organization which accepts used clothing.

2. The donated underwear (and number of pairs) must be clearly identified by brand on a receipt provided by the organization.

3. Take photos of:

  • the donated clothing
  • the receipt proving your donation
  • the outside of the organization's physical location with the name of the organization clearly shown
  • a selfie with you and an employee of the organization

4. Post these photos on Instagram or Facebook including the following:

If Instagram: Tag the photo with @tryfaradaysfree, and include @tryfaradaysfree in the text of your post.

If Facebook: Tag Faraday's in your post.

One video covering all of the required content specified for the photos above will earn double the amount of free pairs.