*All profits are purposed to research the health effects of 5G radiation on children*

How Faraday's was Started

Prior to returning to the United States to study Social Entrepreneurship at Columbia University's School of International and Public Affairs (SIPA), Faraday's founder Antonio Matos spent seven years in China representing multinational brands in the fight against intellectual property theft. While intriguing and exciting, Antonio realized that dealing with the Chinese government on behalf of large corporations was actually misaligned with his values.

We shouldn't sacrifice principles in our work; business is much more than just making money. Commercial strategies can be leveraged to advance the good of humanity and solve problems which may not be easily measured with dollars, rather than the darker sides - exploitation of people and the Earth.

While exploring various ideas that Antonio could develop as a means to effect deep societal change, he made an observation that at first thought made him think that he was crazy. Just before Antonio would receive a text message, he would reach for his pocket knowing that it would was going to ping...pyschic? 

Antonio soon realized that his body was actually experiencing a subtle jolt. He was feeling the microwave energy that allows the phone to send and receive data. This simple discovery propelled Antonio to research electromagnetic radiation, and its implications for men's health and public health at-large. There are numerous science linking health issues to our increasing use of modern electronics, but nobody knew about it. Why?

Similar to smoking and the cigarette industry, corporations with interests in telecommunications and consumer electronics were working to dismiss concern for the possible health risks. Turns out, electromagnetic radiation's effect on men's health - including fertility and testosterone - has been widely studied and documented in the scientific literature, but it seemed nobody was talking about it.

On a student budget at Columbia, Antonio was used to cheap undies from discount stores and after trying on premium brands for the first time, he knew there was a big opportunity to disrupt underwear while doing good for the world. Thanks to his experience recycling counterfeit products after seizures in Asia, Antonio also knew that textile and electronic waste is another worsening global issue.

After researching these emerging issues, Antonio started developing Faraday's with world class experts in nnEMF, fabrics, and garments - and Faraday's was born.