*All profits are purposed to research the effects of 5G radiation on women and children*

Features on features. The leader in functional underwear for men

Soft & Stretch

We developed our fabrics to be the softer than cotton, modal, and synthetics while blending the perfect amount of spandex for a fit that feels naked, with no leg ride-up, and that doesn't lose form.

Blocks harmful EMFs

Faraday's includes an EMF-shielding pouch to reduce the exposure of wireless radiation to your most prized assets.


Shieldtech and Bamboom fabrics are specially designed to regulate temperature and wick moisture.

During workouts, Faraday’s absorbs and vaporizes sweat, so you stay fresh and dry. In cooler temperatures, Faraday’s retains body heat, enhancing vasodilation and bloodflow.


Bamboo and silver fabrics are naturally antibacterial and fungal, so they eliminate unpleasant smells by neutralizing odor-causing molecules.