Designed for Comfort, Function, and Sustainability

We surveyed the entire underwear market and no pairs met our standards of not just comfort, but superior function as well.

Soft & Stretch

This is why we specially developed our fabrics to be the softest and most comfortable, ever.

For the outer fabric Bamboom, we blended the perfect amount of stretch for minimal ride-up and maximum flexibility, that doesn’t lose its form.

Our pouch fabric Shieldtech is silky soft and also includes a unique blend of stretch that is form-fitting, with just the right amount of give for all sizes.


Shieldtech and Bamboom fabrics are thermoregulating and designed for all temperatures, keeping you cool when it's hot, and warm when it's cold.

In the heat or during workouts, super breathable Faraday’s absorbs and vaporizes sweat, keeping you cool and dry.

In cooler temperatures, Faraday’s retains body heat and creates a pocket of warm air in the pouch for ridiculous comfort, enhancing vasodilation and bloodflow.


Bamboo and silver fabrics are naturally antibacterial and fungal, eliminating smells by neutralizing odor-causing molecules.

Less stink means you can where your underwear longer and pack less.


Other EMF-shielding fabrics are stiff and not suitable for the pouch. We specially developed Shieldtech to not just protect from radiation, but to also be the most comfortable and functional pouch fabric...ever.

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