The Perfect Underwear

Design & Construction

We fixed all that was wrong with underwear, custom designing our fabrics for superior comfort and function.

fabric covered elastic  seamless sides  horizontal fly  tapered legs  stretch thread

Main Fabric

Made with organic bamboo and 3x softer than cotton.

Naturally antibacterial  Easy on the environment  Form-fitting to accommodate all activities

Shieldtech Fabric

Patented duplexed, 4-way stretch fabric independently proven to attenuate >50db 5Mhz-50Ghz of electromagnetic frequencies.

We utilize the same concept used in industrial and military shielding applications.

Polarizing outer layer plated with conductive silver nanoparticles designed to reflect electromagnetic radiation, cancel out ambient radiation and reduce exposure.

Polymeric silver ion treated inner layer pulls sweat from skin, neutralizes odor-causing bacteria, and regulates temperatures.