Bamboo Fabrics Outperform on Function and Sustainability


Compared to other underwear fabrics, nothing comes even close to viscose from organic bamboo.

We developed a unique blend with the perfect amount of stretch that doesn't ride up nor lose form. Combining breathability with softness, it's the most comfortable underwear fabric in the far.

It's also antibacterial, neutralizing odor-causing molecules while vaporizing sweat from your skin right through the fabric, keeping you super dry.


Bamboo is a grass and the fastest growing plant species on the planet. It self-regenerates, and grows even stronger after harvest without added chemicals nor water, preserving soil nutrients, flora and fauna. We use organic bamboo from the same forests in China's Sichuan Province where pandas call home.

This is how bamboo stacks up against cotton on the environment:

  • >30 times more yield per acre of land
  • No pesticides, fungicides, nor fertilizers
  • >5 times less carbon dioxide emissions
  • 600,000 liters of water saved per kg harvested


After harvest, raw bamboo is made into fibers, then fibers are spun into yarns, and then yarns are knitted into fabrics.

In this patented process, solvents used to make fiber are reused in a closed loop and do not enter the natural environment

Bamboo fibers also better absorbs color, which results in less chemical dyes and more fabric luster, hence our fabrics luxurious feel and shine.