*All profits are purposed to research the effects of 5G radiation on women and children*

Bamboo is many times softer, functional, and sustainable than cotton

Combining softness with functional features, Bamboom™ is the most comfortable boxer brief fabric ever created.

Bamboom™ is made from organic bamboo that's uniquely blended with the perfect amount of spandex that doesn't ride up the leg, lose form, nor feel constricting - it's actually like it's not even there. 

Bamboom™ is also antibacterial, neutralizing odor-causing molecules while vaporizing sweat, keeping you fresh and dry while on the move.


Bamboo is the fastest growing plant species in the world. It grows even stronger after harvest and doesn't require unnatural chemicals or added water to grow. 

Compared to cotton, bamboo also wins on the environment.

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