A Men's Health Crisis is Looming

Men, our health is entering a crisis. The numbers don’t lie:

  • Sperm quality has plunged over 60% the last 50 years;
  • Since World War II, the incidences of testicular cancer have quadrupled;
  • In the 30 years since we’ve been using cell phones, mean testosterone levels have fallen 1% each year (controlled for age); and,
  • 52% of men (and increasingly younger men) have trouble getting or maintaining a full erection.

    men's health trends

    With the proliferation of consumer electronics and devices on the body (including your fingers), in the home, in the office and in public spaces - and the rollout of fifth generation (5G) technologies around the world, the problem is going to get worse.

    Wireless devices use energy waves, or electromagnetic frequencies (EMF), to send and receive data to other devices and to the cloud. Antennas encode these bits of information (data) onto light waves at the microwave level identical to the microwaves used to rapidly cook food (just at a far lower intensity).



    Hundreds of published studies show the negative biological effects from EMF exposure, including damage to testicular function, DNA breakages on sperm, and even cell death.

    In an experiment on rats, the boundary tissues of the seminiferous tubules were found to be disrupted on various levels - the tissues showed infoldings, which were, perhaps, due to the loss of collagen and reticular fibrils from the inner and outer non-cellular layers. The outer non-cellular layer, which was thinner than that of the control, was stripped away from the myoid cell layer in multiple regions, giving it a "blister-like" appearance. The myoid cells showed fewer polyribosomes, pinocytotic vesicles and glycogen granules. Most mitochondria were found to lack cristae.

    These findings suggest that EMF exposure can cause profound changes in men’s reproductive function, ultimately which lead to subfertility and infertility.


    In terms of fertility, electromagnetic radiation can be the difference between having a child with increased risk for cancer or not being able to conceive a child at all.

    Dr. Ashok Aggarwal of the Cleveland Clinic, the top-ranked author in male infertility studies worldwide, has conducted extensive research on this issue. His research shows that EMF from cell phones is strongly associated with a decreases in sperm count, motility, viability and normal sperm morphology.

    “However, there were signs of recovery in the boundary tissue following withdrawal from EMF exposure suggesting that when exposure is reduced, the cells can heal.” Folia Morphologica (2005)


    It’s not just fertility that is harmed.

    A 2005 study showed that cell phone EMF caused significant damage to testosterone production as well. In 2015 another study done at the Bioelectromagnetic Laboratory found that testosterone levels were significantly lower in male Albino Wistar rats after exposure to a wifi router. These are two of many studies which yielded similar results.

    The second order effects from EMF may lead to lower libido, muscle mass, energy and most other things associated with masculinity from a biochemical and hormonal perspective.


    Although, erectile dysfunction hasn’t been a thing to definitely link cell phones to the phenomenon, scientists are already linking cell phones to Erectile Dysfunction (ED). A study published in the Central European Journal of Urology found that men with ED carried their cell phones in their pockets for almost three hours more per day than men without ED.

    In another study, doctors found that men with ED were 2.6 times more likely to keep their cell phones in their front pockets. What other sources of electromagnetic radiation are out there, you might be thinking…


    High exposure to electromagnetic radiation is also during:

    • Tablet, laptop, and PC use;
    • Cell phones use while texting or using apps, etc,;
    • Wearing Bluetooth and wifi emitting wearables like watches and rings;
    • driving from dashboards and other auto electronics; and,
    • Video game remote controllers.


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