What is EMF?

EMF stands for electromagnetic frequencies which are waves that travel at the speed of light and are classified by wavelength. Lower frequencies like from dirty electricity have higher wavelengths, travel easier through objects, and have lesser intensity. Higher frequencies like from 5G cell antennas have shorter wavelengths, are easier blocked, and have higher intensity.

what is emf and how does it affect health

Natural EMF like from the sun is beneficial for our bodies, but today we are exposed to unprecedented levels of man-made EMF.

Due to the proliferation of wireless technologies, exposure to EMF from consumer tech like mobile phones, laptops, Wi-Fi, video games, and cars is non-stop. With 5G and wirelessly connected environments already a reality, our exposure to EMF  is growing exponentially. 

While a debate persists as to whether EMF can be harmful, overwhelming evidence in the medical literature shows damaging effects of EMF on men’s health.

Additionally, more and more research is showing the adverse health impacts of wireless radiation on those most vulnerable: expecting mothers, babies, and growing children.