Why Normal Underwear is Wrong, and Bad

Ok, so we here at Faraday's solved the electromagnetic radiation exposure to the balls problem, but what about all the other problems with men's underwear?

It's been made with shady materials...

Cotton (can you say "glyphosate"?), synthetics (um, even more chemicals), wool (who wants scratchy wool skin?), oh my. 

Regular undies harbor moisture and bacteria, and don't think twice about the environment. 

It's never really served a purpose...

Packing extra pairs for the gym, or business trips are always a drag - why not just freeball? Because we use technology!

Now you can really be Captain America in your underwear, saving your boys from radiation-induced lower testosterone.

If you're not protecting with Faraday's, then what are you thinking?

It's been designed by women...

Anybody ever ask what the seam down the middle of the front's for? 

Ample pouch space - without the unnecessary seams - that supports - can finally be enjoyed by all.

Faraday's are built by men, for man.

It's been used to promote and not function...

Flashy waistbands belong in the Calvin Klein ads of the 90's. Those cotton drawers got your girlfriend to buy, but did they reduce erectile dysfunction risk? No.

We're all for individuality and standing out, but aesthetics should never trump comfort, nor function.

It's too hard to find your favorite...

Male models on the packaging at Walmart is for your mom, and you can't try them on before buying?

Faraday's underwear is always available, on-demand, at wholesale prices. Always.