The Secret Testosterone Biohack

Testosterone. The life force. The Man juice which propels him toward pursuits. Without it, men aren’t biologically men. It’s the most important hormone for humanity, linked to general health, energy, libido, drive, and fertility.

In modern times, testosterone levels have been hit hard. Less movement, more chemicals, and unhealthy dietary choices have left the current generation literally half the men their grandfathers were.

mens health optimization for libido

Men with testosterone knowledge know the hacks to raise levels, like:

  • High caloric consumption
  • Lifting heavy weights often
  • Upping zinc, selenium and vitamin D intake
  • And even things like testosterone replacement therapy

What testosterone experts are missing though is that the invisible, unscented microwave electroenergy in the modern environment is wreaking havoc on our balls. 

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A study done in 2005 in Turkey showed that EMR like those emitted by cell phones caused significant damage to testicular tissues, harming testosterone production. Another study in 2015 study at the Bioelectromagnetic Laboratory in New Delhi also found that testosterone levels were significantly decreased in male Albino Wistar rats when exposed to EMR like those emitted by WiFi routers.

emf and radiation exposure on an airplane

The scrotum is filled with fluids, conductive fluids, and hold the highest dielectric constant in the body. Because scrotal skin has no surface fat to resist EMR, the sensitive tissues and cells of the testicles are especially vulnerable. Plus, sweaty balls exacerbate EMF absorption!