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5 Tips to Reduce Exposure to Harmful EMF

Congratulations for taking steps to preserve your health and limit exposures to harmful electromagnetic radiation!

Here are five easy things you can do right know to reduce exposure to electromagnetic radiation:

1. Distance Yourself from Electronics

Never put laptops on your lap, phones in your pocket, phones in your bra, or phones against your head. Even electronics company's warn you of this risk, as they fail FCC safety tests when in contact with your body. This is the reason why insurance companies refuse to provide liability insurance to the Apple's of the world.

Position appliances and other emitters like televisions, baby monitors, smart meters, etc. the farthest you can from where you'd spend the most time. Think about the opposite sides of walls too.

2. Use Headphones for Calls

Wearing regular headphones for phone calls is better than holding the phone near your head, and airtube headsets are even better for reducing radiation.

Be aware that when your holding your phone while talking, or texting etc., that you're exposing your reproductive organs to more radiation.

Be careful of Bluetooth and other wireless headsets like Airpods which emit radiation as well.

3. Put your Phone in Airplane Mode Before Bed

There's no reason to have your phone sending and receiving signals to a cell tower while you're sleeping; your alarm will still work in airplane mode.

If you're worried about taking an emergency call in the middle of the night, place your phone in another room.

4. Unplug Wifi at Night

It's unnecessary, and one less source of radiation while you sleep can make a huge difference in sleep quality. Try it.

Or better yet and a bit extreme for some, get rid of all your wireless routers and go wired. It's faster, more secure, and of course - you won't be blasted by radiation 24/7...

5. Wear Faraday's!

We use technology too, and need to drive, text, use a PC, and watch Netflix on a tablet.

Have peace of mind with a pair of Faraday's on.

Trial them risk-free for 14 days. Order here.

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