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Do Cell Phones Cause Cancer?

cell phone cancer viral dog gif
The straight on cell phone's and cancer

The Secret Testosterone Biohack

biohacking testosterone
The one hack that most of the population isn't doing. Get an edge...

What is EMF?

what is emf
Can you explain EMF to your friends? What is it and where is it coming from...

Boost Men's Fertility With These Simple Health Hacks

how to boost men's fertility
7 easy things to boost male fertility, get pregnant faster, and optimize total health...

Why Normal Underwear is Wrong, and Bad

Faraday's underwear
With radiation these days, we actually do need underwear...

Men's Health Trends in the Millennial Age

increase testosterone
Men's health has been trending down in recent years and the problem is getting worse. The primary reason might not be what you think it is...

6 Tips to Reduce Exposure to Harmful EMF

6 Tips to Reduce Exposure to Harmful EMF
Simple ways to reduce exposure to EMFs, now...