*All profits are purposed to research the effects of 5G radiation on women and children*

It's just the product that you use the most!

Your package deserves more than overpriced synthetic premiums, low-priced cottons, and sub-quality mainstays. 

Faraday's is fixing 1) underwear shopping, 2) underwear quality, 3) underwear function, and 4) corporate business as usual - all at reasonable prices.

Before Faraday's we just worked around sweat and odor: packing extra pairs, doing more laundry, and applying deodorant cough cough. You didn't know about Shieldtech™ ability to not just neutralize odorous bacterial molecules and manage comfortable body temperatures by absorbing and vaporizing moisture from the skin, but to also protect from harmful non-natural electromagnetic frequencies.

Just what your boys need for maximal comfort and health.

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