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All that is Wrong with Men's Underwear

Ok, so we solved the electromagnetic radiation exposure to the balls problem, but what about all the other problems with men's underwear?

Follow below for all that is wrong with men's underwear these days:

It's been made with poor materials...

Cotton, synthetics, silks, oh my. Undies that harbor moisture and bacteria shall be put to rest once and for all.

It's never really served a purpose...

Packing extra pairs for the gym, or business trips are always a drag - why not just freeball? Now you can really be Captain America in your underwear, saving your boys from radiation-induced destruction.

It's been designed by women...

Anybody ever ask what the seam down the middle of the front's for? Ample pouch space - without the unnecessary seams - but that supports - shall be enjoyed by all. Finally!

It's been used to promote...

When did that flashy waistband ever get you laid? We're all for individuality, but aesthetics should never trump comfort, nor function.

It's too hard to find your favorite...

Male models on the packaging is for your mom, and you can't try them on before buying? Fresh skivvies should be on-demand - exactly where you'll know they'll be.

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