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nnEMF and Men's health

Today, men are literally half the men our Grandparents were. In just the last 30 years, testosterone levels have plummeted and the rate of decline is increasing. Sperm quality, motility, and counts have also been decimated. Men under age 40 are reporting erectile dysfunction as cases for all men is skyrocketing. The human race is experiencing its biggest existential threat since World War II.

The culprit? Our addiction to modern technology and the conveniences in which it has created. We are bombarded 24/7 by increasing levels of non-native Electromagnetic Frequencies (nnEMF) and our bodies are under stress. Toxic radiation levels from mobile phones, wifi and the internet of things have reached crisis levels, and even our mental and spiritual health is under seige. 

Scrotal skin and testes are a man's most vulnerable and sensitive area and absorb nnEMF more efficiently than other areas. Men's genitals should be protected at all times, and especially in office and urban environments or when required to carry communications technology. Faraday's offers this protection and optimizes health in many ways.


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