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Super soft bamboo fabrics are in a category of their own

Bamboo fabric outperforms competitors on the environment as well.

[bamboo raw materials]

Bamboo is a grass and the fastest growing plant species on the planet. It self-regenerates, growing stronger after harvest in its natural environment without added chemicals nor water, and preserves soil nutrients, flora and fauna.

Compared to cotton:

  • >30 times more yield per acre of land
  • No pesticides, fungicides, nor fertilizers
  • >5 times less carbon dioxide emissions
  • 600,000 liters of water saved per kg harvested

[bamboo fabric production process]

Due to miscommunications, there exists confusion about the environmental soundness of the transformation of bamboo raw material to fabric.

Through a patented process, bamboo fiber is created from living cellulose that is extracted from raw bamboo. Solvents used to cook the cellulose are then recycled for reuse, completing a fully closed loop for cost-effective production. Once ready, fibers are spun into yarns to be knitted into fabrics.

Bamboo fiber also better absorbs color, reducing the use of dyes and increasing fabric luster.


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