Innerwear with a Purpose

Designed for the active man

Functional Benefits

⬆️bloodflow ⬆️fertility ⬆️libido

We put the Environment First

Carbon Dioxide⬇ Textile Waste⬇ Water Use⬇

replace mediocrity with the best ever


Pay shipping on trial pair, then receive five more ($99). Return trial pair to opt-out


Return at least three clean pairs for 10% off the next one. Use our returnable bag


Lock-in wholesale prices. Three fresh Faraday's shipped every six months ($49)

underwear subscription

Every Man Needs These...



Super comfortable and stylish, my girlfriend totally digs them. Simple way to limit EMF exposure and great for testosterone!

Nathan, Journey to Optimal Health

My kicks are totally unrestricted in them. And the sack support...unbelievable! Worn for days straight with no need to wash.

Alex, MMA Fighter

First time I've never thought about down there! Supports laser focus for those most difficult tasks. Signed my Dad up.

David, Investment Banker

Phenomenal. One day we'll be joking about why we wore cotton for all those years! Where are the Tee's Faraday's?!

Quin, Entrepreneur

Passed the footchase test with flying colors...tackled the suspect after a 50 yard sprint and they held up perfectly. Minimal ride-up.

Juan, Police Officer